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  • Completely Free
  • Deploy in seconds
  • No Ethereum or metered usage


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  • Adds Ethereum Contracts
  • Increased Monthly Freebies
  • Metered Usage Available


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  • Increased limits
  • Flexible pricing
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FeaturesIncluded in BasicIncluded in PremiumThen
Deployments (Non-ETH)2050$.99/call + Gas
Deployments (ETH)-0$20/call + Gas
Mints (Non-ETH)100150$.99/call + Gas
Mints (ETH)-0$10/call + Gas
Updates (Non-ETH)20100$.1/call + Gas
Updates (ETH)-0$10/call + Gas
Cross-chain Sends (Non-ETH)20100$.05/call + Gas
Cross-chain Sends (ETH)-0$10/call + Gas
User Ops (Non-ETH)2050$.0005/call + Gas
User Ops (ETH)-0$.001/call + Gas

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