Verbwire Guilds

Let's make magic

Verbwire guilds are community organized groups created with the aim of increasing the spread of web3 technology globally. They are the local meetups, the online events, the workshops, panels, and discussions that drive innovation in this space. Let us help you network and build. All it takes is an enthusiasm or interest in web3.

What can you do with a guild?


Collaborate and communicate about innovative developments in the Web3 space.

Share knowledge

Share knowledge and best practices with other builders and enthusiasts.


Connect with other passionate developers.


Welcome new developers and Web3 enthusiasts into the community.


Organize workshops, hackathons, conferences,and presentations about Web3 technologies.


Represent the Verbwire developer community at regional events

Twitter Spaces

Organize Web3 twitter spaces routinely.


Have a special role on the Verbwire discord!


Organize routine meetups in-person or online