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Verbwire is focused on bringing the next 1 million+ developers into Web3. We build developer-friendly infrastructure and beautiful tools to give you the ability to solve big problems and create extraordinary products.

The Story

Verbwire was started by two former wall street traders with over 30+ years of combined industry experience in trading, programming, and risk management. At our core we are hardcore builders and engineers that are used to solving incredibly tough challenges with millions of dollars at risk. In the crypto world where millions can be lost to coding mistakes or poor gas optimization, experience and methodical testing reign supreme. In that regard, the parallels between writing trading algorithms and managing portfolio risk are not too dissimilar to writing smart contracts.

At the end of the day, we are dedicated to building the best possible products for our customers and expanding the reach of crypto across the world. Ultimately our goal is for the next 1 million+ developers to find their way to Web3 through Verbwire.

Core Team


Justin Bojarski

Former wall street trader, builder, gamer, matcha + boba tea lover, hoarder of expensive JPEGs

Bankole Omodunbi

Builder, Ex Wall Street Managing Director, Multi-Instrumentalist

Let's build the future of Web3 together

We believe that the key to onboarding millions of users and developers into crypto are easy to use tools and products. We're breaking down barriers and flattening the learning curve to a decentralized world. The future of web3 has never been brighter. Come build it with us.