If you have an email, you have a wallet

Unleash the power of digital assets for billions of people

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Effortless Onboarding

Democratize access to your app and scale to billions of users

  • Web-based wallet

  • Social and email login options

  • No seed phrases or private keys to remember

  • Fully non-custodial

  • Customizable UX


You have a digital asset to claim in your wallet!

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Send any asset to any email

From digital collectibles to tokens to stablecoins, you can send any asset to any email address (no pre-existing Verbwire wallet required).

It works like magic

Seamless Integration

We did the heavy lifting so you don't have to. It even works with existing web3 wallet libraries

  • Integrate in your app in seconds

  • Full Wagmi and Rainbowkit Compatibility

  • Support for 50+ chains with one integration

  • Seamlessly harness the Verbwire API to extend functionality

Advanced Wallet Analytics

Our open sourced Verbwire Event Stream allows you to track and analyze user connections in real time, from any wallet. View Verbwire Wallet, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect and dozens of other wallet connection statistics in one place. All without any additional backend infrastructure or complicated integrations.

Harness the power of data - without the hassle

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A Truly Non-custodial Web Wallet

At Verbwire we made it our mission to prioritize security and decentralization. We created the Verbwire wallet with multi-level encryption and advanced techniques to ensure that your users' funds are always safe and secure. Additionally, our client-side encryption puts users in control and ensures that neither Verbwire nor any third party can access users' wallets or assets... ever.

We're redefining digital wallets for the modern age

One Wallet, Infinite Possibilities

At Verbwire, we believe in creating magical experiences. By leveraging the wallet's full integration with the Verbwire product stack, you can extend functionality and create stunning new product flows for your users. From fiat payments to the creation and transfer of digital assets, the possibilities are endless.

Let's make magic together